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So about two months ago I called it quits on Facebook (or as I’ve started taken to calling it, Fakebook because nearly everyone on there is trying to portray a fake identity). The TL;DR version? Life is amazing!

Why I quit

So you might be asking, why did I quit Facebook? Privacy concerns? Yes, but no. I’m a heavy Google user (Gmail since 2004, search engine since early 2000s, Android user on and off since 2008, Pixel owner since 2017) and they’re way worse on the privacy front. No, I quit because I realized some of my friends were really “friends”. I decided to go Facebook Live and have some fun with some of my friends further away from me. Some of my “friends” didn’t like this. They prefer me away in a hole, quiet and forgotten. They decided to tattle on me like I need an adult as a 28 year old.

Long story short, I figured it’s not worth it anymore. I’m the only one in charge of me, and quite frankly don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. So I backed up my data, deleted what I could, and logged out for good.

Business side of things

One of the problems I had is that all my brands are connected to my personal account. I have code running on APIs under my name. I have pages running under my name. I have ads running under my name. You can’t easily transfer all of it. And Facebook won’t let you delete until accounts are settled, ownership transferred, code migrated, etc.

Do not run your business Facebook stuff under a personal account. Setup a secondary account.


Do I feel homesick for Facebook? No. Well, not now. The first few weeks were hard. I still had the app on my phone and was getting notifications. Quick delete of the app took care of that. Then Facebook started getting lonely. The email notifications shot up 10 times what they were. “So and so posted a new photo! Check it out!” “So and so posted a status update! Check it out!” “So and so posted a new message to a group you’re in! See what they said!”.

It’s actually rather difficult to tell Facebook that you don’t give a crap what anyone posted. The easiest solution here is to just auto delete anything that matches some handy words in the subject – until Facebook mixes this up.


If you remember a while back, there was a #DeleteFacebook campaign on Twitter after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Regardless, I don’t blindly click on mindless things on Facebook anyways but I’m sure my data was collected because a lot of the people I know on Facebook do. Because of this scandal, my life as a developer has been made a living hell. What do I mean hell? Take a look at the emails I had to have with Twitter just to put my (business) tweets on my (business) website:

The upside to this (despite the number of emails) is that if you’re a business user, Twitter responds faster. If you’re an individual, it’ll take over a week. The only reason why it took so long here was because as a business owner, I had an issue that I had to take care of and Twitter took a backseat. Thanks, Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has a similar annoying process now, but frankly, I don’t care. I’m closing down my Facebook and Twitter support channels. Need support? Send an email. There’s a world outside these two platforms.

A lesson learned

The take away from all of this is that it’s obvious you are a product. I would know as a Facebook advertiser. I buy to sell my target audience (you – well, maybe not you personally, but you get the gist). Mark Zuckerburg was absolutely right in his quote:

People just submitted it. I don’t know why. They “trust me”. Dumb fucks.


If you’re still using Facebook today, I don’t know why. There’s Telegram for chats, Imgur for photos, and good old fashioned email for standard communication. In case you’re wondering, I’ve recently switched to ProtonMail as it closely resembles Gmail. Except it’s secure, end to end, and not in the United States.

Install Firefox (do not use Chrome! It’s another way for Google to collect more data about you), turn on Tracking Protection, install uBlock Origin, and call it a day. Oh, and switch to Apple products. Apple is the only tech giant that cares about you.


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